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Anonymous: wait, i feel dumb. do you plan on continuing 'this is everything'?

Hey, I do plan on continuing.  I’ve been out of town and sick and just having a generally bad couple of weeks, but I will be continuing for sure.

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Brittany and Santana are like the North Star, you’re always going back to each other. - Naya Rivera 

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Ride Wit Me


you must always reblog this.

This wasn’t even scripted. They were just doing it when Ryan came in and saw and said he liked it and wanted them to do it again for the show. :’) they are perfect

I will never ever understand why they didn’t do this at least once every episode. This might be the best moment of the whole show.

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I belong with you.

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L is for the way you look at me

O is for the only one I see

V is very, very extraordinary

E is even more than anyone that you adore

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these people cant be real

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This is probably my favorite part of the episode for Brittany S. Pierce.  Her quiet moment before Santana comes into the bathroom, where she is just SO HAPPY she finally graduated, she has gone into the bathroom by herself, to take a selfie of herself in her gown.  And you know she’s going to post it on facebook and Instagram and everywhere else, so PROUD of herself for graduating high school.

This is a legitimate mathematical genius, the most gifted of her generation according to MIT scientists, who invented “The Brittany Code”.  And her proudest moment right now?

She got to graduate high school. 

To anyone else this would just be a given.  Something to gloss over.  To Brittany, it’s a treasure.  This is the Brittany who was held back in senior year, who laughed off flunking out because ‘duh’ it’s so obvious she was never going to move on.  She was making plans to work at a chicken factory.  She watched everyone make a big deal for Puck not graduating and just accept that she was too dumb to graduate.  Who literally just basically gave up and resigned herself to repeating her senior year, and who then felt completely left behind.  Who lost the love of her life because she got angry at herself and Santana, and tried her best to fabricate her happiness with a new boyfriend and a new senior year.   She told Santana she couldn’t recreate that emotion, the feeling of belonging, because Brittany actually tried.   It didn’t work, and the minute she saw a way out (her perfect SAT score), she jumped on it.

And here she is, a year later.  She’s a genius.  She’s decided she won’t let Santana leave her behind again.  Instead she wants to run away with her.  She wants to move forward with her.  She wants to belong to her.

And in turn, Santana gives her back something else that she knows Brittany never got: a red gown, a cap, and the feeling that she actually deserved it.

Brittany S. Pierce got to graduate.   THANK YOU, Glee, at the very least, for that.